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The Brussels-based “International Crisis Group” (ICG) issued a new report on the so-called “name dispute” between Athens and Skopje[1]. Its alleged aim is to provide a set of proposals for the two parties to reach an agreement, thus clearing the way for “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” (FYROM) to join NATO and eventually the… » read more

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Corruption is regressive. It affects foremost the marginalized sectors of society and its impact is felt more by the poor and the citizens of countries where resources are scarce. It serves as a subversive mechanism for democracy and popular participation, breeding cynicism, distrust and apathy while undermining the legitimacy of state institutions.
If all of the […]

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The debates surrounding the bill organizing the social and political inclusion of the children of migrants born and educated in Greece sounds all too familiar to a French observer. Indeed, they seem to repeat an attempt at reformulating the politics of citizenship that was made in France at the turn of the 1980’s and the […]

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