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A mechanism of continuous restructuring and forced savings for the Euro zone Since its conception, the European Union has always been about reconciling seemingly irreconcilable positions among its members. In the current environment of the peripheral euro debt crisis, there is one such deadlock on the question of how dearly should the so-called peripheral euro […]

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* Someone who chooses to receive the benefits of a “public good” or a positive “externality” without contributing to paying the costs of producing those benefits.
The world is facing the most severe financial and economic crisis in the post-war decades. International organisations, like the OECD and IMF, in their latest projections, anticipate that the contraction […]

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There is no doubt left: it is the worst crisis of global capitalism, at least since the 1930s. The International Monetary Fund forecasts the harshest global recession of the last sixty years. The “masters of the universe”, Wall Street’s golden boys and their indolent regulatory authorities, could have hardly made a worse mess.
Captive to the […]

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