We could be entering end-game territory in the coming months. News from the bond markets about Greece resembles bulletins about Alpine peaks rather than sovereign debt priced within reasonable parameters. Greek three-year bond yields jumped to over 22 percent this week. Such surreal yield levels are pricing in the restructuring option to take place in […]

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For Portugal to request an international aid package that will include assistance from the International Monetary Fund, the political and central bank authorities in Lisbon will need to comply with certain prerequisites as a quid pro quo. The issue at hand is no longer Portugal actually requesting a bailout from the IMF, the European Union […]

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The agreement reached during the early hours of Saturday at the eurozone leaders’ summit in Brussels is not yet the “grand bargain” that many had advocated. The new deal to fight the year-long sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone seems to be a step in the right direction, albeit at great political and economic cost […]

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In recent weeks a series of rebellions and coups in the Middle East has caused international concern. These cases, mainly Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Bahrain, Jordan, Yemen Ms. have monopolized the media interest. These developments are due to political, economic and social causes, and this brief analysis highlights aspects of these developments. Over […]

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Moody’s sovereign credit rating downgrade of Greece from Ba1 to B1 dropped like a bombshell in Athens on Clean Monday. The three-notch downgrade to a status of “highly speculative” placed Greece deep in junk territory, alongside Belarus and Bolivia. The rating agency last downgraded Greek government debt by a staggering four notches in June 2010. […]

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‘Digital democracy’, ‘Cyber-Activism’, ‘Twitter Revolution,’[1] ‘Facebook Freedom Fighter’[2] – such phrases have flooded news reports, commentaries and analyses over the past few weeks. Everyone seems to agree that social media are shaping global political action in new ways and, that information and communication technologies (ICTs) are altering the dynamics of the public sphere. This is […]

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The past week provided two very different expressions of citizens’ frustrations in Greece and Ireland, the two members of the European Union at the forefront of the year-long sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone. While Irish voters in Dublin, Cork and Limerick went to the polls, Greek citizens in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patra vented their […]

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As the Egyptian military council asserts control and begins to sketch plans for transition to civilian democracy, what comparisons can we make with similar transitions from authoritarian regimes in Spain, Portugal, Indonesia, Chile, Brazil, Turkey and Greece? Regardless of the roots and specifics of an overthrown authoritarian regime, some characteristics are similar: severe repression or suspension of civil liberties; restriction or […]

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