Services are the fastest growing component of global trade, covering sectors from architecture to accountancy and jobs from hotel manager to boiler-fitter. Since 1990, the share of Services in GDP has grown from 65 to 72% in developed countries and from 45 to 52% in developing countries. Services account for over 70% of employment in […]

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The Balkan economies and mainly the Greek economy are negatively influenced by the European debt crisis during the last years. The Turkish economy dominates in the Balkans and can be considered as an emerging one, belonging to the G-20 group (16th largest economy).The economic governance of T. Erdogan is successful until now. The macroeconomic indexes […]

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It all started with Cyprus announcing its’ intentions to start off shore drilling for natural gas. The drilling was about to take place on the island’s northern borders to Turkey, in an area which is in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), totally under its’ jurisdiction. However the flame between the two countries ignited in 2009, […]

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Mainstream International Relations (IR) thinking (see Realism, Liberalism) holds that the national interest drives states to act the way they do on the international stage. This post-hoc rationalising to explain policy outcomes works successfully enough to be employed by the majority of policy-makers, academics, and analysts to inform their audiences. However, what they are often […]

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The above question has been looming over relations between Iran and the EU since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The EU foreign policy, which has been actually a desideratum, has kept ever since a cautiously neutral stance toward the Islamic Republic. In spite of the appointment of the Baroness Kathrin Ashton as the EU High Representative […]

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Following intense talks of late 2011, the leaders of the six biggest parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) finally agreed on the regulations according to which the country-wide census will be carried out. This agreement was part of an overall package, which was reached after considerable pressure by the international community on 28th December, aiming […]

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Nikos Christodoulakis, Professor of Economic Analysis at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), reviews, in this second edition of “Can One Save the Titanic”, the preeminent debates surrounding the Eurozone crisis and particularly the options available to Greece and its partners to overcome it[1]. The book begins with a pre-emptive strike against one […]

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