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‘Why do you concentrate so much on the neocons?’ was the main question I was asked at the 5th Annual Conference of the BISA US Foreign Policy Group last week in the University of Leeds. ‘The group is dead, it is buried in Iraq’ was another comment made. ‘I agree with you’ I immediately responded […]

Posted by George Tzogopoulos

The establishment of a stable and viable EU foreign policy has always been a desideratum amongst its member states. In spite of the repeated efforts from the EU administration to establish a coherent EU profile on various aspects of political, economic and social areas of its member states, foreign policy remains the weakest area in […]

Posted by Venetis Evangelos

The recent signing of the new Russian-U.S. strategic arms reduction treaty launches a month of intense activity focused on reducing the threats of nuclear conflict and nuclear terrorism and tightening control over nuclear materiel and technologies.
Regardless of outcomes, this reflects the new dynamics driving the original nuclear club of the U.S., Russia, Britain, France, and […]

Posted by Couloumbis Theodore

The Black Sea region is becoming increasingly front page news in the press and a subject of analysis in the foreign policy think tank community and in international relations reviews as there is growing interest and engagement as to what is actually taking place on the ground there. The power play between and among […]

Posted by Triantafyllou Dimitris

ELIAMEP, in light of China emerging as a global geopolitical and economic power, organized a bilateral open meeting with the Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS) on “China-EU Relations”.
Read the interview with Professor Ye Jiang, Director of European Studies of the SIIS.
ELIAMEP: China-EU High-Level Economic and Trade Dialogue is an important platform aimed at promoting […]

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What follows are miscellaneous ideas. They reflect personal convictions based on dedicated and engaged observation of the events in Israel/Palestine since almost two decades. They do not reflect necessarily arguments that are sustained by facts and data but rather express opinions that may be subject to future revision and re-consideration. The objective of this contribution […]

Posted by Asem Khalil

In a lecture organized by ELIAMEP and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Athens, on February 12th, 2009, in the European Parliament Offices in Athens, the Political Director of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Volker Stanzel outlined some of the current security challenges facing Europe and proposed a new approach […]

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