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In December 2011, the attempt of the French government to pass a bill making it a punishable crime to deny the Armenian genocide, led the Turkish government to recall its Ambassador from Paris, and caused a serious crisis in Turkish – French diplomatic relations. In fact, this is the most recent incident in a very […]

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Services are the fastest growing component of global trade, covering sectors from architecture to accountancy and jobs from hotel manager to boiler-fitter. Since 1990, the share of Services in GDP has grown from 65 to 72% in developed countries and from 45 to 52% in developing countries. Services account for over 70% of employment in […]

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The Cold War and the early post-Cold War periods were relatively easy to define and comprehend. The first was roughly the struggle between two superpowers forming a bipolar system where almost every state had to choose a side. What followed was a period described by Fukuyama as “The End of History” announcing the triumph of […]

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After a year of fiscal adjustment and structural reform, involving many sacrifices, Greece still faces major challenges in a highly adverse and turbulent market environment. Therefore, the better part of wisdom suggests the need for Greece to intensify and accelerate its efforts to build a firm foundation for financial stability and sustainable growth. It […]

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In recent weeks a series of rebellions and coups in the Middle East has caused international concern. These cases, mainly Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Bahrain, Jordan, Yemen Ms. have monopolized the media interest. These developments are due to political, economic and social causes, and this brief analysis highlights aspects of these developments. Over […]

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‘Digital democracy’, ‘Cyber-Activism’, ‘Twitter Revolution,’[1] ‘Facebook Freedom Fighter’[2] – such phrases have flooded news reports, commentaries and analyses over the past few weeks. Everyone seems to agree that social media are shaping global political action in new ways and, that information and communication technologies (ICTs) are altering the dynamics of the public sphere. This is […]

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Two years after assuming office in January 2009, the central components of President Obama’s strategy include a world order characterized by peaceful accommodation between established and rising powers; the collective management of transnational problems; and the overhaul of international institutions to reflect these shifting power dynamics and the new global agenda. While things remain rather […]

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