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“Determine the point of no return, move beyond it, don’t worry about public opinion and let the details take care of themselves”. This is how Chancellor Kohl summarized the strategy that led to Maastricht and EMU. A policy disliked by the German public opinion that was unwilling to sacrifice the deutschemark for the sake of […]

Posted by Pagoulatos George

It was already in the early 1990s when Nikiforos Diamandouros and Nikos Mouzelis, two eminent Greek scholars, were writing about the conflict between two dominant political cultures in Greece: the ‘underdog’ culture (notably a pre-democratic culture favouring clientelistic networks of power, bearing a strong imprint of the Orthodox Church and its anti-Western world view, with […]

Posted by Triandafyllidou Anna

In a previous article by the same author titled “The commemoration of the Islamic Revolution and the struggle for power in Iran” the main argument was that the relatively peaceful and neutral co-existence of reformists and conservatives during the commemoration of the Islamic Revolution constituted a first step toward the creation of a communication channel […]

Posted by Venetis Evangelos

Being a citizen of a country that seems to be facing fire from all angles, I feel the duty if not to help, at least to take the time and read about what is going on in the Member State I live in. That is how I stumbled upon something that my basic understanding of […]

Posted by Patavou Katerina

There is little new in this round of discussion of a new financial transactions tax (FFT). One exception is that some prominent European leaders have expressed support for it. Although the agreement is broad brush and does not contain important details. Another is that relatively more of the discussion is focuses on the notion of […]

Posted by Dodd Randall

In Iran the Islamic Revolution (1979) is the most significant political development in the second half of the twentieth century and the event which led to the formation of the political system of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is commemorated annually with a march to the Freedom Square (Meidan-e Azadi) in Tehran […]

Posted by Evangelos Venetis

Greece has attracted in recent weeks a great deal of rather unwanted and unsavoury attention due to its ailing state finances. The EU Council Meeting of 11 February fell short of announcing a bailout package; it stressed, however, European support for the Greek governments’ fiscal austerity programme and underlined that European authorities would support Greece’s […]

Posted by Grigoriadis Ioannis N.