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‘Why do you concentrate so much on the neocons?’ was the main question I was asked at the 5th Annual Conference of the BISA US Foreign Policy Group last week in the University of Leeds. ‘The group is dead, it is buried in Iraq’ was another comment made. ‘I agree with you’ I immediately responded […]

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Peter Bofinger, (Prof.), German Council of Economic Affairs Advisory Board European Seminar, June 11 2010 ELIAMEP: Professor Bofinger thank you very much for giving us this interview for ELIAMEP’s blog and welcome once again to the 7th annual European Seminar that is organized with the cooperation of BRUEGEL and the support of the Jean Monnet […]

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European Seminar Sounio 2010 Nikos Christodoulaki, (Prof.), University of Athens June 11 2010 ELIAMEP: Professor Christodoulakis, thank you for being here at the conference on economic governance in the eurozone and the EU, co-organised by ELIAMEP and BRUEGEL. What would you say to those who are betting that the euro will not exist in 10 […]

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Godfrey Bloom – Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group
The concept of financial regulation across 27 countries most of whom have no experience of financial services is not just flawed but dangerous. The United Kingdom, yes the City of London, is the only world class centre for financial services in the European Union. This is […]

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Nikolaos Chountis – Confederal Group of the European United Left – Nordic Green Left
After the stock market and oil crisis in 1970s, the world economic system in general, and the financial system in particular, were based on three “pillars”: a) the collapse of the fixed exchange rates system, b) the internationalization and liberalization of […]

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In a strange move, the Portuguese President of the Republic recommended recently that all Portuguese nationals should spend their holidays in the country, instead of going abroad. The minister of the Economy did not like the idea, commenting that he wished that politicians abroad did not make similar statements because, if they did, and if […]

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The financial crisis has finally catalyzed an awareness of the Greek economy’s long-standing problems, including development, modernization, corruption and clientelistic relations within the political parties. It is clear that the crisis will also have long term consequences for Greece’s security and foreign relations. In this respect, Erdogan’s visit to Athens on May 14-15 gave rise […]

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Details avenge

Set a point of no return, move past it, don’t worry about public opinion and let the details take care of themselves”. This is how Chancellor Helmut Kohl summarized the strategy that led to Maastricht and EMU. A policy well disliked by the German public that was unwilling to sacrifice the Deutschmark for the sake […]

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When Prime Minister Zapatero announced a few weeks ago their plan to reduce the Spanish budget deficit, he said that the main problems of the Spanish economy are a 20% of unemployment rate and an 11.2% rate of public deficit. He was wrong again. Deficit and unemployment are not the problems but their consequences.

This financial […]

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The recent signing of the new Russian-U.S. strategic arms reduction treaty launches a month of intense activity focused on reducing the threats of nuclear conflict and nuclear terrorism and tightening control over nuclear materiel and technologies.
Regardless of outcomes, this reflects the new dynamics driving the original nuclear club of the U.S., Russia, Britain, France, and […]

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