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ELIAMEP: Would you say that the Pakistani community in Athens is blossoming in its own social space?
H.E. Mr. Kazmi: Pakistani migrants came to Greece in the 1970s. They have been staying here and doing well. The majority of them are working in the construction industry, in farms and in the service sectors. Many of our […]

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ELIAMEP: The global financial crisis is the first major challenge for the euro as a multi-national currency. Although early indications suggest that the eurozone countries are weathering the storm, this has not stopped prominent economists such as Martin Feldstein (Harvard University) from cautioning that ‘the current financial crisis may provide a severe test of the […]

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About a year and a half ago, my colleague Thanos Maroukis and I conducted a study on Greece’s Muslim immigrants and their potential for turning to radicalism and violence. We found no signs of radicalisation. And no violent radicalization for that matter either. We did note though that Muslim immigrant communities in Greece are ‘growing’ […]

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A question that has arisen during the last months is whether and how irregular migration stocks and flows are affected by the current economic crisis. The current economic and financial crisis is probably yet to reach its highest peak, however a stagnation of economic activity and rising unemployment have been felt by several countries all […]

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The debates surrounding the bill organizing the social and political inclusion of the children of migrants born and educated in Greece sounds all too familiar to a French observer. Indeed, they seem to repeat an attempt at reformulating the politics of citizenship that was made in France at the turn of the 1980’s and the […]

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Schools and education systems in 21st century Europe are facing a threefold challenge. First, member states have responded rather differently to calls for a European educational dimension. Some, including Germany, have explicitly revised their curricula to address European issues whereas others have either continued to emphasise national values and identities, such as Greece, or have […]

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