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Mursi is the first ever democratically elected president in the modern history of Egypt and this is a major development in the efforts of democratic powers of the country to sideline the power of the military in regard to the latter’s firm control of the domestic political scene. After the victory of the Islamic Brotherhood, […]

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The Balkan economies and mainly the Greek economy are negatively influenced by the European debt crisis during the last years. The Turkish economy dominates in the Balkans and can be considered as an emerging one, belonging to the G-20 group (16th largest economy).The economic governance of T. Erdogan is successful until now. The macroeconomic indexes […]

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Albania has just entered its 100th year of independence. But does the internal political scene offer enough reasons for celebration? The picture is mixed. On the one hand the country has experienced almost two years of bifurcation and polarization of the political space that endangered social stability. The country experienced successive waves of political standoffs, […]

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The ongoing political crisis in Syria has influenced as a catalyst the political life of the country and its geopolitical role in the region. The increasing political tension in various urban centers in the country and the increasing negative pressure of the anti-Assad powers on the Syrian leader to diminish his pressure on the […]

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On Sunday 24th October the Iranian state radio announced that new restrictions were imposed upon 12 social sciences that are considered to be based on Western intellectual currents and therefore incompatible with Islamic teachings. The list includes law, philosophy, management, psychology, political science and the two disciplines that appear to trouble more the leadership of […]

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The democratic status of Iraq

On 21 December 2010 a breakthrough in the Iraqi political standoff was announced: the Parliament in Baghdad announced the approval of the new government including all major factions. This development ended the nine months deadlock which followed the inconclusive March 2010 elections. Both the prolonged stalemate and the way that the problem was resolved have […]

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