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Checking my emails at the beginning of June 2012 I found one sent by Südosteuropa Gesellschaft It was an invitation to participate in a forum with German and Greek journalists and introduce a panel on the role of the media during the current economic crisis. This forum would take place in Munich on 6 and 7 […]

Posted by George Tzogopoulos

The above question has been looming over relations between Iran and the EU since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The EU foreign policy, which has been actually a desideratum, has kept ever since a cautiously neutral stance toward the Islamic Republic. In spite of the appointment of the Baroness Kathrin Ashton as the EU High Representative […]

Posted by Evangelos Venetis

Following intense talks of late 2011, the leaders of the six biggest parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) finally agreed on the regulations according to which the country-wide census will be carried out. This agreement was part of an overall package, which was reached after considerable pressure by the international community on 28th December, aiming […]

Posted by Apostolis Karabairis

The decision to set up the UN Peacebuilding Commission, Peacebuilding Support Office and Peacebuilding Fund was taken in September 2005 and bit by bit the new architecture was ready for business in 2006 and into 2007. I have just finished four years on the Fund’s independent Advisory Group, the last two as its chair, so […]

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Increasing consumption of water packaged in plastic containers in Cypriot and other Mediterranean countries continues to compete with tap water for the most popular water source of potable use, cooking, and beverage preparations (cold/hot coffee, tea and juices). A general notion in the Cypriot society calls for precautionary measures against packaged water quality deterioration during […]

Posted by Makris Konstantinos

While terms, such as ‘crisis’ and ‘politics in flux’, have been frequently applied to almost every shift in European and national-level politics and policies, the political repercussions of the on – going global economic crisis clearly deserve both those labels. Among the manifold political aspects of the crisis, three stand out. To start with, the […]

Posted by Dimitris Sotiropoulos