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Read the interview with Prof. Loukas Tsoukalis published in the Japanese daily newspaper Asahi Shimbun GLOBE (8 million). Before the financial crisis struck in 2008-9, the Greeks had hardly any concept of recession. From the beginning of the 1950s until the middle of the 1970s, the country’s average rate of GDP growth was 7-8%; in […]

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La gouvernance européenne

Je commencerais par un constat un peu banal, à savoir que la crise est la mère des changements et que, dans le passé, des crises ont joué souvent le rôle de catalyseur d’une intégration plus poussée au niveau européen. Je pense qu’il est fort probable que ce type de phénomène se répète après la première […]

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European Seminar, Sounio, Greece, 12 Carlos Mulas-Granados, (Prof.), IDEAS ELIAMEP: Professor Mulas-Granados, thank you very much for giving us this interview in the context of ELIAMEP’s 7th Annual European Seminar co-organised with BRUEGEL and the support of the Jean Monet Actions of the European Union. How would you realistically expect the Eurozone to confront the […]

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During his recent European road show to London, Paris and Frankfurt, the Greek finance minister Papaconstantinou sought to highlight Greece’s achievements in fiscal consolidation during 2010 and provide an economic outlook for 2011. Papaconstantinou was accompanied by representatives from the so-called troika (IMF, European Union and European Central Bank). The troika’s presence was indicative of […]

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On extreme natural disasters the rational interpretation of events has prevailed in the West during the past two centuries. Yet in the Islamic world such supernatural phenomena are interpreted metaphysically, i.e through the presence and action of God in the life of men. The recent floods in Pakistan are of particular interest, for they are […]

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As discussions continue on EU’s “rescuing” of Greece, one cannot help but carefully consider as to how events unfolded over the last few decades in Greece, Europe and internationally in such a way that the financial/economic integrity and existence of institutions and countries’ stability has been questioned. Greece is a “peculiar” case, with parallels in […]

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