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When in 2003 the planners of the Nabucco pipeline named their 31 bcm/y project after the famous Verdi opera, they might not have been able to imagine that almost ten years latter they would still be “singing” in the Southern Gas Corridor “operetta”. In reality many of them would feel relieved that they are still […]

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Checking my emails at the beginning of June 2012 I found one sent by Südosteuropa Gesellschaft It was an invitation to participate in a forum with German and Greek journalists and introduce a panel on the role of the media during the current economic crisis. This forum would take place in Munich on 6 and 7 […]

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Mursi is the first ever democratically elected president in the modern history of Egypt and this is a major development in the efforts of democratic powers of the country to sideline the power of the military in regard to the latter’s firm control of the domestic political scene. After the victory of the Islamic Brotherhood, […]

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In December 2011, the attempt of the French government to pass a bill making it a punishable crime to deny the Armenian genocide, led the Turkish government to recall its Ambassador from Paris, and caused a serious crisis in Turkish – French diplomatic relations. In fact, this is the most recent incident in a very […]

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