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The above question has been looming over relations between Iran and the EU since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The EU foreign policy, which has been actually a desideratum, has kept ever since a cautiously neutral stance toward the Islamic Republic. In spite of the appointment of the Baroness Kathrin Ashton as the EU High Representative […]

Posted by Evangelos Venetis

Following intense talks of late 2011, the leaders of the six biggest parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) finally agreed on the regulations according to which the country-wide census will be carried out. This agreement was part of an overall package, which was reached after considerable pressure by the international community on 28th December, aiming […]

Posted by Apostolis Karabairis

Nikos Christodoulakis, Professor of Economic Analysis at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), reviews, in this second edition of “Can One Save the Titanic”, the preeminent debates surrounding the Eurozone crisis and particularly the options available to Greece and its partners to overcome it[1]. The book begins with a pre-emptive strike against one […]

Posted by Pavlos Efthymiou

Albania has just entered its 100th year of independence. But does the internal political scene offer enough reasons for celebration? The picture is mixed. On the one hand the country has experienced almost two years of bifurcation and polarization of the political space that endangered social stability. The country experienced successive waves of political standoffs, […]

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The Kosovo conundrum has made it again into the top news stories in the region and beyond, due to the strained atmosphere and tensions taking place in the North since last summer. In July 2011, while the EU-brokered dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina continued with the two sides negotiating freedom of movement of people, vehicles […]

Posted by Apostolis Karabairis