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In the suburb of Qulhak in northern Tehran there is a beautiful garden covering almost two big blocks full of poplar trees. It is the garden of the British Embassy in Tehran. The site came under British ownership after WW2 and ever since it has been a place for recreation for the British diplomats serving […]

Posted by Evangelos Venetis

After nine months Syria’s ongoing conflict between the pro-Assad and anti-Assad forces has reached a stall-mate. No side seems to be willing to compromise; the revolutionaries remain firm in their principles and goal to overthrow Assad, despite their casualties which they suffer in the hands of the Syrian army. Assad, on his part, remains adamant […]

Posted by Evangelos Venetis

Increasing consumption of water packaged in plastic containers in Cypriot and other Mediterranean countries continues to compete with tap water for the most popular water source of potable use, cooking, and beverage preparations (cold/hot coffee, tea and juices). A general notion in the Cypriot society calls for precautionary measures against packaged water quality deterioration during […]

Posted by Makris Konstantinos