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While terms, such as ‘crisis’ and ‘politics in flux’, have been frequently applied to almost every shift in European and national-level politics and policies, the political repercussions of the on – going global economic crisis clearly deserve both those labels. Among the manifold political aspects of the crisis, three stand out. To start with, the […]

Posted by Dimitris Sotiropoulos

The ongoing political crisis in Syria has influenced as a catalyst the political life of the country and its geopolitical role in the region. The increasing political tension in various urban centers in the country and the increasing negative pressure of the anti-Assad powers on the Syrian leader to diminish his pressure on the […]

Posted by Evangelos Venetis

It is now obvious that the next, fifth financial tranche will be paid out. An agreement with visiting officials from the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund — collectively known as the troika — was announced on June 3 and then relayed by Prime Minister George Papandreou to his colleague Jean-Claude Juncker […]

Posted by Bastian Jens

After a year of fiscal adjustment and structural reform, involving many sacrifices, Greece still faces major challenges in a highly adverse and turbulent market environment. Therefore, the better part of wisdom suggests the need for Greece to intensify and accelerate its efforts to build a firm foundation for financial stability and sustainable growth. It […]

Posted by Evangelos Kalamitsis