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The unprecedented ongoing political developments in Lebanon form a new chapter in the domestic political scene. In January 2011 two major developments occurred: the resignation of the eleven Hizbullah cabinet ministers (12/1) and the appointment of the Hizbullah-backed candidate Najib Mikati as the new prime minister by President Michel Sleiman two weeks later (25/1). The […]

Posted by Evangelos Venetis

Following the Napoleonic Wars, the European powers gathered at the Congress of Vienna (1814-15) and agreed on an informal but substantive collective consultation process that became known as the “Concert of Europe.” The victorious Britain, Austria, Russia, Prussia and post-Napoleonic Bourbon France recognized that unlimited wars among them would destroy the very system in which […]

Posted by Couloumbis Theodore

On Sunday 24th October the Iranian state radio announced that new restrictions were imposed upon 12 social sciences that are considered to be based on Western intellectual currents and therefore incompatible with Islamic teachings. The list includes law, philosophy, management, psychology, political science and the two disciplines that appear to trouble more the leadership of […]

Posted by Hara Kouki