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Multiculturalism just doesn’t work in Germany, according to Chancellor Angela Merkel. Speaking to the youth association of her Christian Democrat Union party (CDU), she said that the “multi-kulti” concept that “we are now living side-by-side and are happy about it … this approach has failed, utterly.” Merkel described this as living in “parallel societies” similar […]

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European Seminar, Sounio, Greece, 12 Carlos Mulas-Granados, (Prof.), IDEAS ELIAMEP: Professor Mulas-Granados, thank you very much for giving us this interview in the context of ELIAMEP’s 7th Annual European Seminar co-organised with BRUEGEL and the support of the Jean Monet Actions of the European Union. How would you realistically expect the Eurozone to confront the […]

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‘Why do you concentrate so much on the neocons?’ was the main question I was asked at the 5th Annual Conference of the BISA US Foreign Policy Group last week in the University of Leeds. ‘The group is dead, it is buried in Iraq’ was another comment made. ‘I agree with you’ I immediately responded […]

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As the government of Prime Minister George Papandreou continues to implement the Growth and Stability Program agreed to with the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund in return for a 110-billion-euro international assistance package, it is becoming increasingly clear that the manner in which business is done in Greece needs a root-andbranch […]

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