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The last few weeks have brought climatic and political temperatures to near boiling point. The summer months of July and August have hardly served up a cool breeze for Greece’s overwhelmed citizens. Nor have they offered any temporary relief from the daily demands of the troika, as the team from the International Monetary Fund, the […]

Posted by Bastian Jens

Now that the Greek truck drivers’ strike has been brought to a successful conclusion, with the government of Prime Minister George Papandreou not relenting in the face of special interest groups seeking to single-mindedly protect their entrenched privileges, we can look at the underlying causes of this conflict. While the government in Athens must move […]

Posted by Bastian Jens

Almost six months after the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty, and with the institution of the European External Action Service (EAES) still in its infancy, the European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) issued (June 2010) its 7th report entitled “A Strategy for EU Foreign Policy”. The Report (which can be found on the […]

Posted by Anna Vallianatou