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Jens Bastian – Time to challenge credit rating agencies’ monopoly
Last week, Moody’sdowngraded Greece’s credit rating by a staggering four notches, slashing the country’s sovereign credit rating from A3 to Ba1. In practice, this demoted Greek bonds from investment grade to junk status. Moody’s was the second of the three leading international credit rating agencies to […]

Posted by Bastian Jens

The establishment of a stable and viable EU foreign policy has always been a desideratum amongst its member states. In spite of the repeated efforts from the EU administration to establish a coherent EU profile on various aspects of political, economic and social areas of its member states, foreign policy remains the weakest area in […]

Posted by Venetis Evangelos

In a strange move, the Portuguese President of the Republic recommended recently that all Portuguese nationals should spend their holidays in the country, instead of going abroad. The minister of the Economy did not like the idea, commenting that he wished that politicians abroad did not make similar statements because, if they did, and if […]

Posted by Pedro Lains

The government of German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed this week on a sweeping list of spending cuts and someextra taxes to reduce Germany’s growing budget deficit. What is the significance of these austerity measures? The package of spending cuts and revenue increases addresses constitutional requirements and seeks to curtail 10 billion euros a year from […]

Posted by Bastian Jens

The financial crisis has finally catalyzed an awareness of the Greek economy’s long-standing problems, including development, modernization, corruption and clientelistic relations within the political parties. It is clear that the crisis will also have long term consequences for Greece’s security and foreign relations. In this respect, Erdogan’s visit to Athens on May 14-15 gave rise […]

Posted by Saliha Metinsoy