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This year’s Progress Report on Turkey, released on the 14th of October, surely came at a critical juncture for Turkey. Over the last year, accession negotiations have been proceeding at a snail’s pace and run the risk of coming to a complete standstill unless there is some substantive progress on Cyprus. In addition, at the […]

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The European Commission released the Turkey 2009 Progress Report on October, 14, 2009. The aim of these progress reports, which have been prepared and released every year since 1998, is to assess the progress of candidate states in their way towards full membership to the EU. In equivalence, the progress report on Turkey assesses the […]

Posted by Cihangir Damla

The last twelve months have been difficult for the European Union’s policy towards the Western Balkans. Slovenia held up Croatia’s membership talks for ten months, Greece continued preventing the opening of negotiations with FYROM, and several countries attempted to block Kosovo on its European path. Across the region, the receding prospect of accession has weakened […]

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Social aims are accorded a prominent, if not always equal, weight in the EU agenda. Accordingly, the spectre of ‘social Europe’ haunts any debate on the state and the prospects of European integration. Seeking to shed some light on the future of the social dimension of the EU, we have recently produced a short paper… » read more

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We are used to seeing domestic policy debates played out as part of the normal push-and-shove of the legislative process. A good example is the seemingly endless and very public health care policy debate. But we are less used to seeing Executive Branch foreign-policy reviews played out practically in the open, as with the ongoing […]

Posted by Couloumbis Theodore