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In the framework of its European Seminars, the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) organized an international high-level conference entitled: “The Delphic Oracle on Europe: Politics and Policies“. In the course of the conference a group of around 40 leading academics, practitioners, think tankers and journalists analysed and evaluated the outcome of the […]

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The Black Sea region is becoming increasingly front page news in the press and a subject of analysis in the foreign policy think tank community and in international relations reviews as there is growing interest and engagement as to what is actually taking place on the ground there. The power play between and among […]

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The Obama ‘change’ in American foreign policy emphasizes realism, engagement and negotiation; multilateralism, “smart power,” and collective, concerted attacks on global issues. While the new approach is apparent in the President’s exceptional rhetoric, it may embrace expectations for others that will prove unrealistic. Nowhere is it being tested more severely than in the Middle East […]

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ELIAMEP: Would you say that the Pakistani community in Athens is blossoming in its own social space?
H.E. Mr. Kazmi: Pakistani migrants came to Greece in the 1970s. They have been staying here and doing well. The majority of them are working in the construction industry, in farms and in the service sectors. Many of our […]

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