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On August 13, 1961, East Germany divided the city of Berlin and its people with a concrete wall and barbed wire. This month marks a painful anniversary of a construction both symbolic and physical that defined the latter half of the twentieth century as a period of division and suspicion, ideological confrontation and isolation.
Last week […]

Posted by Ruby Gropas

We were annoyed by Obama’s visit to Turkey, without a similar stop-over to Athens – obviously forgetting that after the welcome we reserved for President Clinton, future American Presidents will not show particular willingness to visit Greece.
We were unhappily surprised by Turkey’s strategic upgrade in Washington’s plans.
Obviously we didn’t give enough attention to Ankara’s methodical […]

Posted by Dokos Thanos

The overall average turnout across the EU27 was 43% in last June’s European Parliament elections.
The European Parliament commissioned a post-election survey* and results indicate that the under 40 year old Europeans scored the lowest average participation rates (29% for the 18-24 year old group and 36% for the 25-39 year olds). The results are just as discouraging in […]

Posted by Ruby Gropas