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President Obama in speech after speech during his recent overseas visits has been hammering on the dual themes of arresting the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and also advocating, as an eventual but nonetheless desirable objective, the reduction, deactivation – and eventually total elimination – of nuclear arsenals around the planet.
Nuclear weapons were employed […]

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The ECJ’s Judgment in Apostolides v. Orams encompasses a dual significance. On the one hand it extends jurisprudence on the interpretation of pivotal provisions of Regulation 44/2001, which are essential to the proper application of the European regime of ‘conflict of laws’, while on the other hand it also sheds generous light over the application […]

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I do not disagree with the points made by Prof. Koutrakos in his editorial article, but would like to question the proposal that the strict adherence to the letter of the law “enabled” the adoption of a “politically detached” stance. Instead, I would argue that the ECJ judgment is symptomatic of an inherent failure of […]

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ELIAMEP: In April Moldova witnessed demonstrations against the Communist Party which won the parliamentary elections- in the media those events were compared to the demonstrations of the so-called anti communist velvet revolution of the 1989- how would you describe the events of last April?
Mr. Valeriu Ostalep: Unfortunately, the events that took place in April in […]

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In a recent interview with Der Spiegel, the German weekly asked Henry Kissinger whether he thought the world would soon enter an era without major wars or conflicts. His response echoed the theme of his Harvard doctoral dissertation, in which he wrote upon the Congress of Vienna and the genesis of the 19th Century European […]

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