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It is frequently mentioned that Russia’s relations with the European Union (EU) are those “of strategic partners”. They share a common European civilization and common values. The practical significance of this phrase though is ambiguous, as there is no common meaning inside and outside the EU.
On 6 March 2009, ELIAMEP organized a lecture delivered by […]

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ELIAMEP: One of the main objectives of the Czech Presidency is to promote implementation of the conclusions of G20 Economic Summit in Washington and those of the December European Council. However, Mr. Topolánek has warned of the risks of “excessive regulation and protectionism“. What kind of concrete measures to deal with financial crisis are likely […]

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What follows are miscellaneous ideas. They reflect personal convictions based on dedicated and engaged observation of the events in Israel/Palestine since almost two decades. They do not reflect necessarily arguments that are sustained by facts and data but rather express opinions that may be subject to future revision and re-consideration. The objective of this contribution […]

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